5 Minute Money Guide

Retirement Isn’t What It Used To Be…

You can read that quite literally, because
people retiring today face a completely
different retirement picture to previous generations.


Equity Release Guide

The way the UK economy and society has developed in recent decades creates a real importance around Equity Release as a tangible solution for hundreds of thousands, possibly more, of individuals and couples looking for ways to enhance their retirement positions.

The Equity Release solution is both viable and sensible in so many cases.


Income Drawdown Guide

This is a guide which aims to simplify a complicated subject; Income Drawdown is a wonderfully flexible way for you to manage your pension, providing you with an income which you can control and offering numerous benefits.

HOWEVER there are risks and a number of factors to be aware of which could turn the attractions of a drawdown pension into something which causes you difficulty.


Invest In Drawdown Pension

The purpose of this guide is to explain some of the particular aspects of investing within a drawdown arrangement.

Drawdown allows you to take control of your retirement income, giving you the flexibility to choose your own investments and strategy.


Pension Freedom Guide

This guide aims to inform you of the main headlines that surround the pension freedom rules and how they impact different situations and circumstances.

This is an overview, not a detailed analysis.

We are especially keen to emphasise how the rules influence the way you approach financial planning.


Bitesize Guide #7 Retiring Soon

The convention suggests when you are somewhere around the point of retirement, you should think about and execute “planning your retirement income”.

This is a great example where language and how something is described (in terms of words or a title) can be unhelpful.

Retirement Income Planning is a straightforward, uncomplicated exercise.

However, that is not what most people in this position need.


Transferring Defined Benefit Pension Schemes

In 2015 the Government introduced legislation which changed how those saving for retirement could take their pension benefits.

This is now commonly referred to as Pension Freedom.

This guide explains more about what this means for you.


The Benefits of Independent Financial Advice

The benefit of using a professional and qualified expert is undiminished by the explosion in online information and services.

So it is within the financial services market.

There is real value in seeking out professional advice, this guide will show you how.

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