Income Drawdown Guide

This is a guide which aims to simplify a complicated subject; Income Drawdown is a wonderfully flexible way for you to manage your pension, providing you with an income which you can control and offering numerous benefits.

HOWEVER there are risks and a number of factors to be aware of which could turn the attractions of a drawdown pension into something which causes you difficulty.

We will outline for you, over the following pages, all the key factors, the pros and cons, the way to think about drawdown, how to manage a drawdown pension and much more.

We offer this to you as a starting point; nothing, ultimately, is better than obtaining the best expertise and the best advice.

If you use drawdown as a means of organising your income in retirement, then you should only do so having taken such advice.

Hopefully, though, the following information and ideas around this subject will help you on your journey.

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