Structured Products

Structured Products

Structured products are investment instruments that combine elements of traditional securities, such as stocks and bonds, with derivatives.

These products are designed to provide exposure to different asset classes while offering potential returns and managing risk. At Heritage, we offer structured products that adhere to the regulations set by the FCA, ensuring investor protection and transparency.


Our structured products consist of various features and components, including:

  1. Underlying Assets: Structured products derive their value from underlying assets, such as equities, indices, or commodities.

  2. Return Mechanisms: The returns of structured products are often linked to the performance of the underlying assets, which can be enhanced through features such as participation rates or leverage.

  3. Capital Protection: Many of our structured products incorporate capital protection features to mitigate downside risk and safeguard a portion of the initial investment.

What are the benefits of Structured Products?


By offering exposure to multiple asset classes, structured products can help diversify your investment portfolio, reducing reliance on a single investment and potentially enhancing overall portfolio performance.

Capital Protection

Our structured products prioritize capital protection by incorporating various mechanisms, such as conditional or absolute capital guarantees. These features provide a level of assurance by limiting potential losses, particularly in adverse market conditions.


We understand that each investor has unique goals and risk appetite. Our structured products can be customized to align with your specific investment preferences, allowing you to tailor your exposure to the underlying assets, returns, and protection features.

Potential Returns

Structured products have the potential to offer enhanced returns compared to traditional fixed-income investments in certain market conditions. By utilizing derivatives, these products can provide access to market opportunities and potentially generate higher yields.

What are the types of Structured Products?

Growth Products

Our growth-focused structured products aim to deliver potential capital growth linked to the performance of underlying assets, such as equities, indices, or commodities. These products are suitable for investors seeking long-term growth potential.

Income Products

Income-focused structured products are designed to generate regular income through features such as coupon payments or dividends. These products provide an opportunity for investors to receive periodic income payments while potentially benefiting from market exposure.

Capital Protection Products

Our capital protection products prioritize the preservation of capital by incorporating features that guarantee the return of a portion of the initial investment, even if the underlying assets perform poorly. These products can be suitable for investors seeking downside risk protection.

What are the Risks and Considerations?

Market Risk

The value of structured products is influenced by the performance of the underlying assets. Fluctuations in market conditions may impact the returns or value of the product.

Counterparty Risk

Structured products are subject to counterparty risk, which refers to the risk of default by the issuing institution. We carefully evaluate the financial strength and creditworthiness of the issuers to minimize this risk.


Structured products may have limited liquidity compared to traditional securities. It is important to consider the investment horizon and any potential restrictions on early redemption or selling.

Understanding the Terms

Before investing in structured products, it is crucial to review and understand the terms and conditions, including any fees, charges, and potential early redemption penalties. Our products ensure clear and comprehensive disclosure of key product features, risks, and costs.

We offer personalized consultations to understand your goals and provide tailored recommendations.

Contact our team today to discover how structured products can complement your investment goals and help you achieve long-term financial success.

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