Fixed Interest Security

Fixed Interest Security

Fixed interest securities, also known as bonds or fixed-income investments, are investment instruments that pay a fixed rate of interest over a specified period. These securities are issued by entities such as governments, corporations, and financial institutions to raise capital. 

By investing in fixed interest securities, investors become lenders to these entities and receive regular interest payments for the duration of the investment.

What are the types of Fixed Interest Securities?

Government Bonds

Issued by governments to fund their activities and considered relatively low-risk due to the backing of sovereign entities.

Corporate Bonds

Offered by corporations to finance their operations and growth. Corporate bonds may provide higher yields than government bonds but also carry higher credit risk.

Preference Shares

Equity-like investments that pay a fixed dividend, making them an alternative form of fixed interest security.

Fixed interest securities typically offer a lower risk profile compared to other investment options, such as stocks. The fixed interest payments provide a predictable income stream, making them an attractive choice for investors seeking stable returns. 

However, it’s important to note that the level of risk varies depending on factors such as the issuer’s creditworthiness, prevailing interest rates, and the overall economic environment.

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