At Heritage IFC Ltd we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built up with our clients over the years.

We provided a personal service on a friendly face to face basis and we try to explain the complex world of financial planning in an easy to understand manner to ensure clients have a full understanding of their options.

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No one wants to think about the worst happening, but it’s important to be prepared for anything. 

That’s where protection comes in. 

Protection can help to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of financially if something happens to you, and it can also help to protect your assets and income.


When you are choosing a mortgage, it is important to consider your financial situation and your needs. You should also shop around for the best interest rate and terms. 

We can help you understand the different types of mortgages available and choose the one that is right for you.

Equity Release

Equity release can be a good option for homeowners who need extra cash to cover retirement costs, such as care fees, home improvements, or holidays. 

However, it’s important to remember that equity release can reduce the amount of inheritance your family will receive. 

It’s also important to get independent financial advice before taking out an equity release plan.


Investing is a way to grow your money over time.

There are many different types of investments, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Each type of investment has its own risks and rewards.

It is important to speak with a financial advisor to determine which investments are right for you and your goals.

Retirement Planning

There are many factors to consider when planning for retirement, such as your age, income, expenses, and lifestyle goals.

We can help you assess your current financial situation and develop a plan to reach your retirement goals.

We can also help you choose the right investments and strategies to maximize your retirement savings.


Life is full of unexpected expenses, such as car repairs, medical bills, and job loss. Having a savings cushion can help you cover these costs without going into debt.

Over time, your savings can grow through compound interest, which means that your money will make money. This is a powerful way to build wealth over the long term.

Home Insurance

There are many different home insurance policies available, so it’s important to compare policies and choose one that meets your needs. 

Some factors to consider when choosing a home insurance policy include the value of your home, the type of property you own, and your risk tolerance.

Home insurance can provide peace of mind knowing that you’re financially protected if something happens to your home or belongings. If you own a home, it’s important to consider getting home insurance.

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